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An overlooked opportunity

When businesses ask me to help them with their positioning, it’s usually the positioning among their prospects and customers they’re interested in, and rightly so. But when it comes to maximizing performance, positioning yourself and your team optimally within your own organization is just as important.

The reasoning is the same. Just as customers may actually see you differently than you think they do, your employees and colleagues may have a very different understanding of your value than you do. Worst case, they may have no understanding at all.

For example, technology hardware clients often ask me to help them make the value of associated software products more tangible – to prospects and customers, but also to internal stakeholders such as sales teams and board members.

For the software division within this kind of firm, an internal positioning project generates a triple-whammy win.

1) Hardware sales people better educated about the value of accompanying software will sell more hardware and software.

2) Executives who can quantify the value of the software division’s work will be more inclined to support ongoing investment in developing it.

3) The head of the software division will improve his or her own standing within the organization by being better able to prove ROI.

If you’d like some help in positioning yourself or your business unit more effectively within your organization, contact me today:

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