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In sync.

A lack of synchronicity between words and actions is one of the greatest failings in the human condition.

Politicians talk about wanting to serve others, but their actions prove the only person they are serving is themselves.

Businesses leaders talk about their customer focus, then ensure they are so unreachable there is zero chance of actually having to speak to a customer.

Corporate mission statements talk about integrity and inspiration - and it's the last thing employees read as they are marched out of the building by security, 5 minutes after being told they have lost their jobs.

My mentor Alan Weiss has a great phrase for that: "Believe what you see in the halls, not what you read on the walls."

It looks as if I'm going to be doing a lot of work on corporate culture and collaboration for clients next year.

I plan to get people thinking, communicating and acting in sync.

What about you?

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