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Your values suck.

Many companies claim to have built their business around a few core values. Unfortunately, 99% of the time they’re the same: integrity, excellence, quality.

Not only are these hackneyed and obvious (and frequently untrue!), they are also meaningless. Who wants to deal with anyone who has no integrity or delivers poor quality work?

If you want your organization to stand for something, why not make it for values that actually mean something, which will speak to your ideal audience, and which might actually put some people off - people you probably don't want as customers anyway.

Here's an example:

Contrarianism: We drive harder conversations that deliver better solutions.

Selectivity: We decide if it makes sense to work with you.

Exclusivity: We charge a lot, based on the value we deliver, because we’re the best.

Madness? Maybe. But I would rather work with the one company that says any of those things, than I would with any of the other 999 who tell me they’re going to wow me with their fairness and commitment.

If you’d like some help defining the right values for your business contact me today.

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