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Thoughtshake® Advisory

Hamish Mackenzie providing Thoughtshake Advisory service
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Sentient Strategy® Workshops

The days of five-year plans are over. Or they are if you want your B2B SaaS business to survive in a world where regular disruption and constant volatility are the status quo.


It’s time to make your approach to strategy development and implementation straightforward, flexible, fast and organic. 

I’m talking about an approach that will help you:


  • Successfully evolve your strategy continually in the face of inevitable volatility.

  • Hold people strictly accountable for implementing necessary change.

  • Achieve your objectives faster and more cost-effectively than you thought possible.


That approach is Sentient Strategy®.

Read “8 Ways to Make Your Strategy More Sentient” to learn more.

Interested in running a Sentient Strategy® workshop?

Event Moderation

Event & Meeting Moderation

Whether it’s a strategy meeting that needs to be kept on track, or a panel session at your next customer event: I provide the objective perspective, incisive questions and structured discussion leadership needed to maximize value and ensure constructive progress.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my clients are saying:

Eric Byres, CTO, aDolus Technology Inc.

“Thanks very much for the outstanding job you did moderating the panel yesterday. It was one of the best moderation jobs I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen (and participated in) a lot of panels in my career.“

Patrick McCabe, Chief Marketing Officer, allmyhomes GmbH

“Our management team had been working on refreshing our core value propositions for our stakeholders and we brought Hamish in on short notice to bring in an external, non-biased perspective. Hamish was up to speed with our complex business model extremely quickly and, thanks to his expert moderation and remarkable language skills, he helped us complete this task in a few days. I would highly recommend that you give Hamish a call."

Want me to moderate your next leadership meeting or customer event?

Executive discussion
Executive Sparring

When you’re running a B2B SaaS firm, daily business throws up all sorts of challenges, big and small, typical and completely unexpected. How helpful would it be to have an experienced, trusted advisor on hand to help you think through solutions, bounce ideas around and challenge your thinking?

That’s exactly what I do for my SaaS CEO clients as they power along the entrepreneurial fast lane.

Niklas Fischer-Rieper, Co-Founder & CEO, AlfaDocs GmbH

“Hamish has made an immediate impact in helping me delegate operational tasks, work more efficiently, and free up more time for strategic work. He has also been an invaluable sparring partner on a wide range of topics, from making difficult talent management decisions, to accelerating revenue growth. If you’re a Founder or CEO running a SaaS business, I can highly recommend working with Hamish."

Want to replicate those kind of results for yourself and your business?

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