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Hamish Mackenzie: Executive Coach

Hyper-efficient growth for your B2B SaaS business.

I can help you grow revenues more efficiently to fund, scale or transition your way to a thriving B2B SaaS enterprise.

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Car with no tyres

When scaling your SaaS business, the metrics you’re obsessing over are the symptoms of slow growth, not the cause. Look deeper, and you’ll discover the real issues are more fundamental.


Selecting the right growth efficiency gears and knowing when to switch can help you dramatically accelerate your scaling journey.  


That’s where I come in.

What’s slowing you down isn’t always this obvious.

  • Product Market Fit

  • Scalable Sales Processes

  • Optimal Pricing

  • Talent Maximization


  • AI Integration

  • Data-driven Decisions

  • Brand Building

  • Customer Lifetime Value


  • CAC Optimization

  • Churn Reduction

  • Partnerships & Alliances

  • Market Expansion


Your 12 Growth Efficiency Gears

Hamish Mackenzie helping CEOs

I help Founders, CEOs and their executive teams create extraordinary B2B SaaS businesses through hyper-efficient revenue growth.


Depending on the maturity of your business, working with me will help you:

  • Find the right blend of people and technology to grow efficiently.

  • Help you avoid running out of runway.

  • Generate the growth rates you need to secure more funding.
  • Scale faster and more efficiently than your competitors.
  • Make a successful commercial transition from on-premise to SaaS.
I’m Hamish Mackenzie.
  • We’ll have free introductory call to help me understand your business and where it’s at. Usually, a few areas we need to work on will become clear even at this early stage. If I think I can help and we agree that there’s a fit, we’ll move on to a paid Growth Efficiency Audit. If not, I’ll make sure I provide you with some ideas, resources and connections that will help you on your journey.

  • Over a couple of longer sessions, we’ll investigate exactly where your growth efficiency issues are. Prepare to be surprised because most of the time, the problems aren’t the ones you’re thinking of. We’ll look at key processes, people and metrics, and I may also interview key members of your team to get their perspectives. It’s important to be thorough here, but we’ll be efficient. The goal is to start making improvements within weeks (or even days!), not months.

  • Once the audit is complete, we’ll use it to build a prioritized plan of action that creates rapid impact. It will be concise, highly actionable and have a timeframe of no more than 12-months. (Detailed planning beyond a year into the future is a waste of my time and yours.) More importantly, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities will be crystal clear for everyone involved.

  • There’s a lot of variation in how involved I get in execution for my clients. Often, I design a tapered implementation program that involves a lot of assistance at the start, but rapidly reduces that involvement over time. The goal is to make your business self-sufficient, not dependent. And the really good news: your growth efficiency benefits will keep on paying out long after the engagement is over.

  • It’s lonely at the top. That’s why my SaaS CEO clients value having someone to walk alongside them on their growth efficiency journeys. Sparring partner, sounding board, coach and trusted advisor – I work with my clients during regular check-ins and offer on-call access for as long as it makes sense and delivers value. That could mean a few months, or a few years. But you’ll never be tied to an inflexible long-term contract.

  • How would you like to discuss your toughest growth efficiency challenges regularly with a small posse of your peers? I bring select groups of B2B SaaS CEOs together every month to talk strategy, share experiences, discuss ideas and make new connections. Whether you’re a young bootstrapper or a veteran planning an exit, there’s a SaaS Growth Circle that’s right for you.

Work With Me
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As the SaaStock Local Leader for Munich, I host quarterly in-person meetings for founders, investors and experts from across the SaaS ecosystem.


Every event features a rockstar speaker. And I buy the drinks.




Get all the latest news on the next event, plus loads of great SaaS content at our brand-new home on Circle. Click below to register!

SaaStock helps SaaS founders and their teams scale faster through the most actionable SaaS conference and membership on the planet.

Join the Saturday SaaS SuperCharger™:

Actionable, high impact growth efficiency insights, straight to your inbox, every weekend. Perfect for your Saturday morning coffee!

Hamish Mackenzie talking on the phone


"If Hamish didn't exist, I would have to invent him!"


"Over the years, Hamish’s expertise has helped us position and communicate the value of our business and product portfolio much more effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending his services."


"Over the last 3 years, Hamish has been instrumental in helping us successfully reposition our B2B product portfolio. He is now helping us make the strategic adjustments required for us to prosper in the post-pandemic world, including addressing new markets. Hamish really is our trusted partner for strategic positioning and differentiation."


“The ability to clearly communicate our software strategy and its value to our business and our partners is crucial for meeting our ambitious growth goals. Hamish created the framework we needed, and helped us develop exactly the right strategic messaging for communicating effectively with senior management, and changing perceptions in the marketplace. I couldn’t be  happier with the results - working with him has been an excellent experience from start to finish.”

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