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3 things to cut out

Here are 3 things no business will need in 2022:

A 5-year strategic plan: Anything beyond a year is sketchy at best and a complete fantasy at worst. A 12-month strategy can be developed in a day and evolved on a rolling monthly or quarterly basis.

7-figure consulting projects: The ones that get sold by a Partner and executed by a hoard of overconfident, underexperienced MBAs whose training you are then paying for. Surgical “keyhole” engagements to solve specific issues deliver faster, more effective results.

Open plan offices: They were always about cost-saving and surveillance, not collaboration. And new hybrid working options don’t just need to offer the chance to work remotely. Most people don’t have the luxury of a dedicated office space at home. So employers need to provide quiet spaces for focused work when people do come to the office.

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