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Better than you think.

I go running around three times a week. I'm not exactly built for it and nobody would describe me as fast. So, when I registered for a 5K run via my running app of choice, Runkeeper, I wasn't expecting much.

The concept is simple: Registered users are challenged to record a 5K run using the app within a specific timeframe - usually a few days or a week - and Runkeeper then collates and publishes the results to members.

When the results email arrived, I was shocked. From almost 100,000 participants, I was faster than 85% of them. I was also faster than 80% of those my age, 65% of all males, and 77% of participants in Germany.

It's a perfect example of how people often underestimate their abilities, particularly in comparison with their peers. In my experience, businesses often do the same thing. But this isn't the most interesting part.

What's really exciting when it comes to my running is that I know I have the potential to run significantly faster, even though I am already outperforming most other people. By the same token, I believe that if business owners were able to measure the performance of their companies accurately in relation to their competitors, they would often realize that a) they are already performing better than they thought and b) there is a lot of room to improve further.

I specialize in helping businesses identify and profit from their hidden potential. Contact me at and let's explore the quick wins that are waiting to be uncovered within your organization.

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