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Disruptive competence.

Many business leaders seem to believe they can’t succeed if they aren’t “changing the game”, “disrupting the market” or “leading the revolution”. In reality, most customers would rather businesses just did a great job of delivering products and services, however “ordinary” they might be.

I find this lack of exceptional customer experiences bewildering and frankly a bit depressing. After all, how many people start a company thinking, “I want to build an unremarkable business that regularly disappoints its customers

with mediocrity.” Well, apparently there are quite a few!

The fact is, in most markets, true disruption is overrated (not to mention ruinously expensive). Meanwhile, an exceptional everyday customer experience remains a rarity. And that presents a big “open goal” opportunity.

So, if you want your business to stand out and generate a quick return, try investing in doing the basics better than everyone else, and making the customer feel cared for.

Let’s call it “disruptive competence”.

If you want some ideas to dramatically improve your customer experience cost-effectively, let’s talk.

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