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Don't do that.

Decide what you're not going to do.

The selective growth strategies I help my clients implement are often as much about inaction, as they are about deciding what to focus on. Here's what I mean:

Which vacant market position are you going to ignore because it's too much of a stretch from where you are now? For example, Porsche deciding to launch a luxury super-small city car would probably be a mistake.

What sales calls are you not going to make, in order to spend more time on your hottest prospects? Sometimes quality matters more than volume.

What value are you not going to offer, because the potential return doesn't justify the effort? A good customer saying they want something is not the same as having a sound business case.

What are you going to stop doing that will improve your productivity? Here's an idea: stop automatically answering your phone every time it rings! Returning calls in a batch - promptly but at your convenience - is much more efficient.

Your task: Take a few minutes to answer these questions for yourself. You'll find it helps clarify your priorities. And if you want some more ideas about how to achieve more by doing less, contact me. I'll be happy to make a few suggestions.

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