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Get sentient about strategy

From deaths in police custody to highly profitable businesses taking subsidies they don’t need: recent events have demonstrated that blunt strategic imperatives like “upholding the law” or “making a profit” cannot be allowed to justify unethical actions.

Instead, organizational strategies should be based on an accurate picture of the operational environment, and complete consciousness when it comes to the consequences of specific decisions. Society is increasingly intolerant of anything else, particularly when it leads to unnecessary suffering for those directly affected.

If the way your organization behaves is still being led by a single strategic imperative, it’s time to adjust your strategy to the world we now live in – to make it more sentient.

Ping me here if you’d like to chat about how that applies to your business. al position will have a transformative effect on the efficacy of your sales and marketing activities.

To discuss how I to make your business strategy more sentient and start implementing it within a week, send an email to or visit and book a call with me.

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