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I was fortunate enough to be a guest of Audi at yesterday's Bayern Munich game against Augsburg. I was even more fortunate to meet Bayern legend Giovane Elber. Some say you shouldn't meet your heroes as they are inevitably disappointing or occasionally even awful people.

I'm delighted to say that Giovane was the exact opposite - funny, relaxed, friendly, generous, but still not afraid to say what he actually thinks.

I later realized he is the same age as me. Like many business people in the 40-50 age range, I sometimes find it difficult to exhibit Giovane's qualities at all times. After all, this is the period when most of us are trying to reach the peaks of our careers, as well as managing homes and families. And that's without the added pressure of external events...

Maybe it would do us all good to be a bit more like Giovane this week. I'll be giving it a go...

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