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Hold your horses

Are you ready for that supercar?

I had my first ever singing lesson on Friday, and my teacher said something very telling. "Hamish, you have a Ferrari of a voice in there. But to use it properly, first you need to learn how to drive a Golf."

Putting a learner driver in a car with 700 horsepower is only likely to end one way - in a ditch. Trying to sing in public before learning how your voice works and training it will result in a room full of people looking at their shoes - or just an empty room.

The same applies when it comes to growing your business. You need to have the basics in place first. That's not to say you have to pursue some kind of plodding step-by-step 5-year plan. Every entrepreneur has to jump off a cliff and build a plane on the way down. But the initial focus needs to be on the wings and propulsion, not the in-flight entertainment.

Need to go back to basics in some aspect of your business? Message me: I’ll be happy to give you some input on where to start.

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