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I'm not you. Which is good.

One of the more annoying things about what I do is being asked why I think I'm right about a business issue when I know nothing about the client's market, have never run an organization of similar type, and so on.

I usually ask them how much they think Richard Branson knew about running an airline before he created Virgin Atlantic. Or how many Majors they think Tiger Woods' swing coach has won.

I don't need to have run a 1,000 employee business to know that an organization's international expansion plan needs work. And I don't need a chemistry degree to help a biotech company position its breakthrough product more effectively.

I help my clients by applying knowledge and skills to specific issues based on the reality of the situation at hand.

I don't need to be a clone of my clients to ensure a project succeeds. In fact, it would be a disadvantage.

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