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I'm outta here

A new front has opened up in the war for talent.

Big tech companies are poaching each other’s best developers and engineers to help them take a lead in the evolution of the metaverse. Anecdotally in one case, employees who have left a tech giant’s programs have cited a lack of confidence in the company’s commitment to the technology.

Now I have no doubt that these employees were also offered big salary increases as well. But if you’re already earning six-figures, it’s unlikely that money is going to be your main motivation to leave. (Or at least it shouldn’t be).

Ironically, the evidence cited for the company’s lack of commitment was that it hadn’t recruited enough people to develop the technology fast enough. That could mean a lack of willingness to invest. Or, more likely in my view, it’s that the company is not seen as the employer of choice for people who want to be at the bleeding edge of virtual and augmented reality.

Businesses spend an awful lot of time and money developing value propositions for their products and services. Unfortunately, they rarely focus as much attention on defining and delivering value for their own employees.

And then they wonder why they’re losing battle after battle in the talent wars.

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