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No hoper

Stop hoping, start doing

There's a saying in German which goes,"Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt." The literal English translation is: Hope dies last. I would argue that in most cases, if hope is all you have left, you're already dead.

Hope never has been, nor ever will it be a strategy. And yet most of us are forever telling people how we hope something will happen, that hopefully everything will be alright, or that we are hopeful we will reach our goals.

Nobody has full control over their lives. Unknown factors, random chance and surprises of all kinds can strike at any time. But in my experience, we have a lot more influence over outcomes than we think.

Whatever you're trying to achieve, the secret to success is the same as it has always been: Do the right things to a high standard consistently over time. Get that right and you'll rarely need to rely on hope.

Your task: Next time you find yourself using or about to use hope, hopeful or hopefully in a conversation, try to replace or correct it with something more definite and outcome-oriented. You'll be surprised how much more confident it makes you feel about the situation or goal you're talking about.

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