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Positioned to Sell

Sales is still a dirty word for many people. Perhaps that’s not surprising, when you realize how many people are still doing it badly – calling strangers out of the blue, talking at people instead of listening harder, asking for the business before they have established value.

Many of these things are pretty easy to fix with the right training. But more important still is putting your organization in the right position to sell effectively first.

Here are my top 3 tips for positioning for sales success.

1) Focus all your marketing and sales messages on outcomes and value, then explain how your company helps customers achieve them. Most businesses are still doing the exact opposite – product first, then outcomes – and wonder why their sales figures are disappointing. Making this one change is the easiest, fastest way to standout from your competitors.

2) Get more value FROM your customers as well as delivering more value to them by integrating existing customers into your sales and marketing processes through testimonials, case studies, event guest appearances, etc.

3) Make sure you have documented sales processes, and ensure that salespeople actually follow them. You’d be surprised how many businesses generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue don’t have these fundamentals in place. And they are leaving many more millions on the table as a result.

I help businesses position themselves to grow and achieve their sales objectives faster and more efficiently.

To discuss how I can do this for you, send an email to or visit and book a call with me.

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